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  • The end of the tooth, feast a new chapter!


    IntroductionBuild a dream for the future with one heart, and tomorrow will be more wonderful. Time flies, the season is like flow. 2023 is a year of harvest, is a year of growth, happiness into a year of good memories. In order to encourage the majority of employees to better summarize the past and inspire the future, Kelinyuan held the annual meeting celebration of the company and sent New Year wishes to everyone!1Work summary2023President Niu kicked off the year-end work summary, and President

  • Status of abandoned photovoltaic modules


    The hazards of abandonedStatus of abandoned photovoltaic modulesCurrenComponentKey industryCurrent situation of photovoltaic industry01 With the rapid growth of photovoltaic power generation installed capacity, the amount of waste photovoltaic modules will surge, wasteImproper disposal of discarded components not only causes environmental pollution, but also leads to waste of resources. At present, the large-scale scrap period of photovoltaic modules at home and abroad has not yet arrived, the

  • Environmental Innovation: How does CCER inspire companies to transform to a green future


    The Car Trading Revolution:How Companiescan achieve Economic and envirnmental win-win through CCERThe Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme (CCER) is a market-driven approach that promotes climate change prevention and control by incentivizing companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissionsCarbon emissions trading schemePART/011The setting body (usually the government) first determines the overall greenhouse gas emissions target for the country or region. This total is then distributed to individual emit

  • [Energy "heat" knowledge] coal furnace tail gas


    Ore furnace tail gasFOFFurnace off gasNatural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal mine gas are common gases that can be used in gas-fired internal combustion engines. In addition, there are some industrial fields in the exhaust gas also contains combustible components, such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide, coal furnace exhaust is one of the industrial exhaust gas can enter the gas combustion engine power generation. Rational use of flue gas power generation, so as to achieve waste into treasure,

  • Power generation industry! Internal combustion engine foreign trade tips


    Power generation industry!Do gas power unit foreign tradeBe sure to have a clear customs code2024.1.1/8What is the HS codeCustoms code, also known as commodity code, HS codeIt's an international classification system,Used to unify goods,Standard classification and coding,To facilitate international trade and customs statistics.The customs code consists of 6 digitsTo represent an object item,China uses a 10-bit code,Different bits of code represent different levels of classification.This codi

  • New Energy Track "Biomass Power Generation Industry"


    New energy trackDevelopment status of biomass power generation industrySignificance of biomass power generation industryMarket prospect of biomass power generation industry In the new energy track there is a relatively niche power generation market, that is, biomass power generation, in the 2060 forecast of China's energy structure, and did not see its figure, but biomass energy development is one of the indispensable power generation methods of China's clean energy end compared with nu

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