With independent internal combustion power generation technology, high-quality supporting components, independent system software development capabilities, system integration capabilities, and years of rich experience in gas power generation, we provide customers with overall solutions and engineering general contracting services for clean energy.

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General Manager's Office:

17695081164 (Ms. Yang)

13022901098 (Ms. Ji)


13673656767 (Mr. Song)

Contact information/fax: 029-86110973

ll02, Block A, Fulton CenterXi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Contact information

General Manager's Office: 17695081164 (Ms. Yang/WeChat account)

                                           13022901098 (Ms. Ji/same WeChat account)

Sales/Cooperation Mr. Song: 13673656767

Sales and cooperation consulting:

Contact phone/fax: 029-86110973

Company address: II02, Block A, Fulton CenterXi'an City, Shaanxi Province

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