Introduction to case and application scenarios

Cases and application scenarios
  • Coal mine gas power generation


    Coal mine gas is a combustible gas composed of methane and air that is extracted during the production process of coal mines. Its emissions to the air will exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions, and on-site power generation is the best choice, which not only solves the safety production of coal mines, but also generates economic benefits and significant emission reduction effects.

  • Purification and power generation of tail gas from coal chemical industry


    There are various tail gases in the coal chemical industry, such as coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, coke tail gas, carbide tail gas, ferroalloy tail gas, and other combustible gases, which pollute the environment through air emissions. Through purification, power generation and utilization can achieve the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction, resource utilization, and circular economy.

  • Biomass gas power generation from various agricultural and forestry waste


    Rural straw, forestry sawdust, grain and rice husks and other waste are organic biomass that can be produced by anaerobic fermentation and gasification in a reactor to generate gas for on-site power generation.

  • Large scale manure biogas power generation system in aquaculture industry


    Large scale farms such as pig, cattle, and chicken farms produce biogas from animal manure wastewater after anaerobic fermentation treatment, which can be used to generate electricity for the farms, reducing electricity costs for enterprises and improving economic benefits.

  • Urban and industrial organic wastewater anaerobic biogas power generation system


    Organic wastewater from urban sewage treatment plants, paper mills, and alcohol factories is anaerobic treated to produce biogas, which is a renewable energy source. It can generate electricity on-site for the use of this enterprise, reducing electricity costs and energy conservation and emission reduction.

  • Urban household waste and kitchen waste energy generation


    The landfill of urban household waste generates biogas, which is used for power generation and integration into the municipal power grid, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from landfill biogas, and also has significant economic benefits. Urban kitchen waste is all organic matter, which can produce methane gas after anaerobic fermentation. It is a good renewable energy source and can be used for power generation to reduce the cost of kitchen waste treatment, with significant economic benefits.

  • Independent gas power station


    In areas such as the wilderness, islands, natural gas exploration, and offshore operating platforms that do not have electricity but have natural gas sources, multiple natural gas power generation units are used to form an independent power grid for external power supply.

  • Distributed energy


    Urban industrial and mining enterprises or industrial parks use natural gas power generation units to generate electricity and integrate it into the city grid. Engine smoke and hot water are provided to users through waste heat utilization equipment, such as steam, heating hot water, or cold water, abbreviated as natural gas distributed energy or combined cooling, heating, and electricity. The combined cooling, heating, and power generation can greatly improve the utilization rate of primary energy, achieve energy cascade utilization, and have comprehensive benefits such as energy conservation, environmental improvement, and increased power supply, which is in line with the national sustainable development strategy.

  • Backup emergency power supply


    1. For buildings with high power supply levels such as hospitals, hotels, telecommunications, and data centers, regulations require sufficient backup power supply in the event of a malfunction in the normal use of mains power or emergency situations (such as fires, earthquakes, etc.). The use of natural gas generator sets as backup and emergency power supply is the future development trend. When the municipal power grid cannot guarantee power supply or has special conditions, it is necessary to use self owned small power plants as the main or supplementary power source. Natural gas power generation units are a good choice.

  • electric peak-shaving


    Invested by power companies or professional companies, natural gas power generation units are used to generate electricity during peak electricity consumption and overload operation of the power grid, and integrated into the municipal power grid to supplement the power grid.

  • Natural gas, coalbed methane, shale gas extraction power and power generation utilization


    Natural gas and other drilling and production require power supply, and the operating location is generally in remote locations or at sea, without a power grid, relying on gas generator sets for power generation and supply; Natural gas and other fracturing require power, and compression and pressure are also required in long-distance pipeline transportation. Generally, natural gas, coalbed methane, and shale gas are used on-site, and the gas engine directly drives the fracturing device and compressor, which is efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly

  • Science and Technology Demonstration Project for the 2008 Beijing Olympics


    The 2008 Beijing Olympic Science and Technology Demonstration Project is one of the many demonstration projects proposed by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to improve the environment of the capital through the use of advanced technology, based on the concepts of "Green Olympics", "Humanities Olympics", and "Science and Technology Olympics". In 2003, our company participated in the key project of the 2008 Green Olympics and the 2008 High tech Olympics undertaken by the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: waste disposal and absorption of Beijing landfill, and signed a joint development agreement. As a professional research and development and production unit of gas power generation units in China, with the only continuous technological development strength in China for over a decade, Jiangsu Shengyuan finally provided a 500KW complete set of landfill gas power generation units for demonstration in Beijing in 2004, with technical performance reaching

  • Biomass Syngas Power Generation Project in Milan, Italy


    In 2010, a company in Milan, Italy used wood and livestock manure to produce synthetic gas. Our company provided one 200KW synthetic gas generator set for customers to generate electricity, and the use effect was good. Composition of synthetic gas: CO: 35.6%; CH4: 5.3%; H2: 42.1%; CO2: 6.8%; H2O: 3.5%; N2+O2: 4.7% This gas belongs to high hydrogen synthesis gas. Project: Utilizing wood and livestock manure to generate syngas for power generation Implementation: Provide 1 400kW syngas generator unit

  • Biogas Power Generation Project at Dubai United Paper Mill, United Arab Emirates


    The Dubai United Paper Mill in the United Arab Emirates is located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and also the tourism, economic, and financial center of the Middle East region. The United Arab Emirates attaches great importance to environmental protection and the development and utilization of renewable energy, emphasizing energy conservation and emission reduction. The paper mill utilizes biogas generated from wastewater treatment to generate electricity. Our company provided a complete set of 350KW biogas power generation system equipment in 2011. Project: Implementation of Biogas Power Generation for Paper Mill Wastewater Treatment: Supply of 350kW Complete Biogas Power Generation System Equipment

  • Gas power generation project of a certain coalfield group in Sichuan


    The coalfield group is a large state-owned coal enterprise with a registered capital of RMB 1.5 billion. At the initial stage of the construction of the coal mine, a gas extraction pump house was also constructed, with all the gas used for power generation. Our company has provided 6 complete sets of 500KW gas power generation equipment.

  • Biogas power generation general contracting project of a large private papermaking enterprise in China


    The client is a globally advanced multinational papermaking group and an integrated forestry pulp paper enterprise. It is a leading private papermaking enterprise in China and one of the largest high-end coated packaging cardboard production enterprises in China. Building a resource-saving and environmentally friendly enterprise, pursuing the harmonious unity and mutual benefit of enterprise, environment, and society, is the unremitting direction of the company's efforts. Recycling and regional "zero emissions". In the 2011 public bidding for the company's sewage biogas power generation project, our company won the bid as the general contractor with unique and advanced biogas power generation technology and biogas power generation system integration capabilities, providing an overall project including four 500KW biogas power generation units, automatic switching of network electricity and self generation, biogas pumping and discharge, etc. Project: Sewage biogas power generation genera

  • The first domestic landfill leachate biogas power generation project of an environmental protection company's biogas power generation project


    The environmental protection group is an investment management company under a large domestic group and is a well-known environmental protection leading enterprise in China. The environmental protection group was the first in China to use landfill leachate biogas for power generation in 2008, and the project was implemented in Jiangsu. Our company has won the bid with many advantages such as unique and advanced biogas power generation technology, mature installation engineering experience, system integration ability of biogas power generation engineering, and good user operation performance. Due to the tight project schedule, our company has carefully planned to complete the production, installation, and commissioning of a complete set of equipment including gas supply, purification, gas storage, power generation, and power transmission within one month. The operation of this biogas power generation project will enable the environmental protection group to take the lead in meeting stri

  • A biogas power generation project of a certain animal husbandry group in the world's large-scale breeding base for 10000 cows


    The animal husbandry group is currently one of the world's leading modern ecological ranching groups in terms of scale and production capacity. The company relies on domestic dairy giants to provide them with high-quality and safe milk sources that meet international standards. At present, the number of modern large-scale ranches that have been put into operation and are under construction exceeds 10000 heads. The animal husbandry group not only provides high-quality milk in China, but also focuses on scientific, large-scale, and ecological farming, emphasizing the harmonious development of humans and nature. Each pasture has invested in the construction of a large-scale circular economy manure treatment system to achieve a circular economy in the pasture. Our company has won the favor of this generation of animal husbandry group with its leading domestic biogas power generation technology, excellent user operation performance, advanced gas power generation control technology, and high

  • The first sewage biogas demonstration power generation project of a certain dairy company


    The dairy company is a leader in the Chinese dairy industry, with extensive influence in economic, technological, cultural, and social aspects. The company focuses on environmental protection concepts and energy conservation and emission reduction, achieving a circular economy model. This project is the first sewage biogas demonstration power generation project of the company. After more than a year of manufacturing and user processes, it was put into operation in June 2008. The biogas demonstration power generation project was awarded the bid by our company, providing complete equipment and installation, including biogas storage, pre-treatment, power generation and distribution system, cooling system, waste heat recovery and utilization system, control system, computer remote monitoring system, etc. The CH4 content in biogas is 52%, and 1 cubic meter of biogas generates 1.8-2 kWh of electricity, generating 190-240KW per hour. Considering the low gas production during the off-season, i

  • A successful 1000KW coalbed methane power generation equipment cluster project in China, a coal company in Sichuan


    A coal company in Sichuan has multiple coal mining companies. Our company has provided 6 newly developed miniaturized 1000KW power generation equipment in response to the special situation of tight land use in a certain mining area of the company. After more than 6 months of operation verification, the power generation efficiency of these 6 miniaturized equipment exceeds that of other domestic manufacturers, and the exhaust temperature is 50-100 degrees Celsius lower than that of domestic and international companies, greatly improving the availability time and stability of the unit. Meanwhile, the volume and floor area of these six miniaturized devices are only one-third that of other manufacturers, providing three times more power generation capacity within the same site. According to the company's requirements, our company will continue to provide cogeneration in the later stage to further improve thermal efficiency. Project: Addressing the Safety and Utilization of Coal Mine Gas (Co

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